Networking is the major branch of the computing and one of the most used in today digital age and security is the major component of the networking. There is no use of the network which is not secured and safe and therefore, to ensure the maximum safety of the network several MSSP provides the managed security services to different client companies throughout the world. These services are given in different manner and based on this, these are divided in to six major categories.

The first category in the managed security in Belconnen is the onsite managed security, as the name represent the managed security service is provided on the client company workplace and is therefore, customized according to the business procedure of the client company. these include the assessments of the risk which are included and based on these risks, the loopholes are identified in the current architecutre of the security and then it is revised to improve the security.

Second category is the perimeter management of the client network. These are managed security services which include the installation and configuration of such software which keeps the network perimeter of the client safe and secure. It includes the installation of the firewall, VPN, and other such kind of software which help in detecting the intrusions. The MSSP is usually responsible for not only the installation but also the maintenance of such software for customer. Visit this link for more info on managed security services.

The next category could not actually be considered as the managed service but still is a great way through which many MSSP makes great profit and this is the product resale. These are actually the products which were designed by the MSSP for their own usage may be but since these are not in use any more so they resale it to the customer who requires it and these are the products which help the customer in maintain the security. These products could either be hardware and the software.

The next category is the monitoring of the managed services. In this category the MSSP constantly monitors the network of the client company and ensures that there are no unauthorized access and no malicious behavior. They also keep track of the denial of services and various errors and anomalies which could disturb the performance of the network.

The next is the penetration testing or also known as the pen testing. In this the MSSP team themselves scans the entire network and finds out the possible ways through which some hacker could enter the system. This is done periodically to find out the vulnerabilities and to improve them then lastly there is compliance monitoring which keeps track of those changings which affect or override the previous security policy of the system.