Personal Computers or PC’s are widely used. Even though Laptops have overtaken desktops to become the most popular computer, desktops are still significant for a number of reasons. Desktops are preferable for gaming due to the power available in them. Further, desktops are good for if you need a lot of processing power. This is because, even though laptops are good enough, desktops are not limited to battery power and can draw all the power needed from a power outlet. Therefore, it can use this power to handle more processing. Further, desktops can be easily upgraded as opposed to laptops. Here’s a list of components needed to build a PC.


The processor is the brain of the computer. There are many processors to choose from. The main competitors are Intel and AMD. Both are powerful and recently, AMD has released powerful processors to compete with Intel. Intel is currently on its 8th Generation of processors and they have a significant performance advantage compared to the previous generation.


Memory or RAM are needed to retain data of opened applications. RAM is important for multi-tasking and if you’re planning on obtaining a PC with a powerful RAM, you might as well get memory over 8 GB so you don’t bottle neck the system.

Graphics card or Display adapter
If you are a gamer, you will be surely getting a graphics card. There are many graphics cards from both Nvidia and AMD. Both have very good cards and depending on your gaming requirement you will need to choose the right one. You may need to look at different computer towers so you can get one that fits over the graphics card. If you’re not a gamer, you will have to get a display adapter for the PC.


The computer case is an important component because it covers everything up. The computer tower is required to keep the dust away and protects the parts from external damage. There are many types of cases and you have to make sure the purchase one that is right for your PC and if there’s enough airflow. You can view more information here


Motherboard is one of the most important component because it connects all the parts of your computer together. All other components fit into the motherboard. Better pick a motherboard that has many ports so you can upgrade your PC if you want.


Storage is where all the information is stored on. If you’re saving up a lot of information, you’ll need a lot of storage. You can choose between the speedier SSD which makes everything fast but is quite expensive or choose a HDD which has more storage for the price but is slow. SSD is recommended for a powerful build.